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  Primary Uses: If you are taking a vehicle there to re-register, you may be asked for a certificate of conformity for key vehicle data. Even such countries that are a long way from Europe such as NZ will sometimes ask for European conformity documentation, especially if the car is a European brand or previously registered in Europe. ICOC carries the key vehicle data sometimes required by registering authorities. ICOC is also good for presenting key facts about your vehicle whenever you are asked to do so when abroad.

Warnings: No specific warnings or known institutional recurring problems with registration procedures.
Please note: generally - during the Brexit period, we are hearing increasingly of widespread bad treatment of British car registrations within EU member states. During this volatile period please be extra sure to accept and respect our ongoing terms of service which are that no promises or guarantees are made by us as to any outcome of use of vehicle documents we supply. Please ask us for advice if unsure.