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Reseller options for Motor Trade and Vehicle Dealerships

It is possible for third parties to sell services such as:
ICOC certification for vehicles.
French and EU LEZ permits.
EU VID vehicle-specific booklets.
Type approval number information.
FREE GetMeAlogBook leaflet dispenser pack

Please email for details and remuneration schemes


EU VID vehicle-specific document. Bulk order schemes -

benefits and discounts are available:


Fleet benefits and discounts are available:




Chargeable form help and advice for Motor Trade, Dealers and MOT Testers:
How to Create a New Vehicle Record to MOT test a vehicle with no registration number. Pamphlet in PDF. 15.
Easy-to-read step by step
guide for MOT testers, with pictures.
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2. V902
How to complete V902 questions 3-9, that relate to CoCs and Type Approval.
Pamphlet in PDF. 34.95.
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IVA test template for technical elements of imported vehicle.
Single-sheet PDF. 15.
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4. Garage sign-off sheet for VCA MUTUAL RECOGNITION COMPLIANCE
Template for garages to state vehicle compliance with UK left hand traffic on their invoice or letterhead.
Single-sheet PDF. 25.
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General advice on the new DVLA Brexit contingency plans and the impact on Motor Trade and UK Dealers. Call or Email. Free advice may be available.