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UK hmrc NOVA

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It costs £90 plus VAT

Start early and get us on your side for this essential part of your vehicle registration.



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Nominate and authorise us as your Customs Agent. The DVLA requires an HMRC 'NOVA' clearance for all vehicles being registered, even if not recently or ever imported. NOVA = Notification Of Vehicle Arrivals.

The NOVA system is very complicated and usually has to be completed by a Customs Agent. Get help from us early on. Either way, our NOVA RECEPTION is a pathway to the fastest and cheapest clearance.

Get help from us, be it early, or late, in your project.

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NOVA Reception service  
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What is the NOVA service?

The UK hmrc requires a notification for every vehicle brought in to the UK and for every existing unregistered or foreign-registered vehicle prior to it being UK registered. This is for the hmrc and DVLA to ascertain that there is no outstanding or uncollected VAT on the vehicle, before they will allow it to be UK registered.


NOTE: After checkout we will ask you some questions about the vehicle and about how it got here or where from (if applicable), then advise you which kind of hmrc notification we should make to get the best result for you financially on the vehicle and possible tax and import duty. Ask us for our PDF flowchart of our charging structure for NOVA reception, through the pathway, to NOVA clearance. 

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