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UK hmrc NOVA submission

Order form below is for a NOVA submission for your vehicle, as part of the UK DVLA vehicle registration process.


It costs £64.70

It takes between 1 day and 4 weeks depending on vehicle circumstances (please call us or email us if you need to be sure of a same-day clearance)



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The DVLA now requires an HMRC 'NOVA' clearance for all vehicles that are being registered in the UK. NOVA - Notification Of Vehicle Arrivals.

WARNING - The NOVA system is now extremely complicated and failure to submit correctly can result in your vehicle being blocked from registration and/or months of paper-pushing while your vehicle is unregistered. Get expert help from us.

NOVA submission to HMRC. Includes liaison with HMRC.

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What is the NOVA service?

The UK hmrc requires a notification for every vehicle brought in to the UK and for every existing unregistered or foreign-registered vehicle prior to it being UK registered. This is for the hmrc and DVLA to ascertain that there is no outstanding or uncollected VAT on the vehicle, before they will allow it to be UK registered.

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