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USE IN THE UK: Our Document has several uses and benefits (see below) will not be recognised or accepted by the UK DVLA in place of a Manufacturer's Certificate of Conformity.



Our Independent Certificate of Conformity
The purpose of the UK version of our document is to enable registrants to easily fill in the V55/5 form. This is our reason for sale.

If your vehicle is less than ten years old, you must present the following to the DVLA in your registration process

1. A completed V55/5 form (our document will enable you to do this or we can fill it in for you).

2. An original Manufacturer's ECWVTA Certificate of Conformity if the vehicle was produced for the EU market. OR - an IVA test
(we can help you book this or book it for you - [read more]).

3. An hmrc NOVA submission sheet or clearance
(we can do this for you if need be).

4. A UK MOT test certificate.

5. A VCA Certificate of Mutual Recognition
attesting to the suitability of vehicle for left hand traffic (we can help you book this or book it for you).

6. Evidence of the vehicle's first registration date or year of manufacture (please call us if you need help with this).

Please only buy our EUROCERT ICOC Conformity Certificate to gain facts about your vehicle, and to see how to fill in the V55/5 form, and to gain access to our WhatsApp support for your application.

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Refund Policy

Cancellation within 14 days of ordering
For products ordered online, a customer has the right to cancel an order within 14 days during 'cooling off'. However, we always aim to start work well within this period known as the 'cancellation period', with some services even being same-day. Therefore, we ask our customers to authorise us to start work immediately (within the statutory 'cooling off period'). If we feel the need to obtain written permission, the customer will be asked to sign a special agreement authorising us to begin work immediately. This means that if we begin work and complete the order within the 14 days, if you decide to cancel under the cooling off principle, you may not get all or any of your payment refunded.


Cancellation after receiving an end product or completion of service (certain products)

The Consumer Contracts regluations or 'Distance Selling' regulations state that a customer may send back a product or cancel a service after receipt unless the customer was given a terms of refund statement during the order process in a durable format (sent by email or by post) which may apply terms to the cancellation period.

Exemption of products and services that are bespoke or custom-made to order

Where our services are bespoke or custom-made documents, we may not offer customers a 30 day cancellation period following receipt, for a full refund. Several of our services, such as 'ICOC', '5 STAR SERVICE', 'Service Number 1', 'Manufacturer's CoC', 'NOVA clearance', involve the provision of custom-made documents created only for a specific vehicle at a specific time, and therefore cannot be accepted back in to 'stock' for resale. These products may be classed by us as exempt from the right to cancellation once the order process is complete.

This does not affect the statutory rights of a customer regarding faulty goods, as follows.  

Faults, in the case of documents issued by us

 If a mistake is found or any error that needs correcting in the data shown on the document, we will make this correction free of charge and within a reasonable amount of time. We ask our customers to give us this time to rectify a mistake, rather than request a refund. This does not affect the customers' statutory rights.

However, we will not add extra or additional information free of charge deemed by a customer as necessary for his/her purposes or 'nice to have' and this will be charged as an extra administrative fee, quoted on request and before such work shall commence.

We are here to help
If you experience any difficulties or anomalies with or in our documentation, please call us. Our function is to research, verify and advise and we are focussed on getting vehicles registered.

Please read our terms and conditions and accept that documents provided are created only for a specific vehicle at a specific time, and therefore cannot be accepted back in to 'stock' for resale. Our research and production of documentation takes time and is offered with no promises or guarantees of outcomes associated with uses you choose for our documents. If we have spent time and provided an accurately described document, without human errors in good faith we will politely refuse a refund. We hope that customers will understand this as, otherwise, our service is open to abuse.



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