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For imported and/or unregistered motorcycles

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Vehicle Registration Assistance Package


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For imported or unregistered vehicles; any age or origin, whether LHD, RHD, from the EU or from outside the EU. The cost of this package is 275. Including VAT.

For those with no time or appetite for forms and red tape, we'll provide a service dedicated to helping get your vehicle UK registered.

Motorcycle Registration Assistance Package:

DVLA UK: V55/5 registration application form. Fully filled in, ready for the DVLA processing unit. Signed and authorised by us, as personal agent.
Also, import/export/origin statement prepared for the DVLA V55/5 application (if relevant, which it usually is).

Notification and assistance regarding any other procedures needing to be carried out (eg. MOT test, if applicable)


EC TYPE APPROVAL: Booking of a DVSA EC/UK/European Area compliance test.


VCA UK: If the motorcycle is a KPH speedo and/or has right-pointing headlight, asistance with a VCA Certificate of Mutual EU Recognition for your motorcycle. Please note that you may have to produce a VAT receipt for work having been done on the speedo and headlight. We supply a template receipt for the garage.

You send what documents you have and your ID to us. We forward to the DVLA as your agent.


We prepare the final application package for DVLA and send it off to them as your agent.

  If a problem arises with the DVLA we continue to work on the registration application, as agent.
And we're still here for you, just in case things go wrong with the DVLA processing
This service can be used for such motorcycles:

Imported motorcycle

Never before registered in the UK

Previously UK registered and been away

Previously UK registered and tax or registration lapsed

Imported from outside the EU

Very old and unusual motorcycles

Any or none of the above


NOTE FOR ALL VEHICLES: at the point of DVLA Registration application the DVLA does carry out vehicle checks with Interpol and other agencies abroad. If the DVLA decline an application on the grounds of foreign write-off or insurance confiscation, or another reason, we will not be able to go any further with our assistance in registration. In the event of this outcome no refund will be possible against work done by us or against expectations you may have formed about your motorcycle registration in the UK. We therefore strongly advise you to practice due diligence and check that you trust in the history and status of the motorcycle you are buying, or that you bought, and wish to UK register.

OTHER FEES: Please note that our charge (fee mentioned above) does not include DVLA fees (55 registration processing fee, plus the UK road tax as applicable). Nor does it include any fees that may be necessary for ECWVTACOC document procurement (fee charged by vehicle manufacturer), vehicle dating evidence (if needed and if being obtained by us), IVA testing (if needed), VCA Left Hand Drive [LHD] / KPH recognition (if needed), UK MOT testing.


please give us the required data below. Your input will be processed and captured and you will proceed to the payment instructions page. We can provide this service for all vehicles that are presently unregistered (including previously registered vehicles, off road vehicles, imports, and barn finds).
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