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This page is specificially for people who need information about their vehicle in French, to be posted to France.

Repeat, trade, and returning customers and recommendations.



FRANCE: Please only order an ICOC, in French, for your vehicle information, if you have purchased from us before or got here by a recommendation or previous use of our ICOC documents.
You must make selections on the form below to show that you understand the EUROCERT ICOC Conformity Certificate-FR is suitable for your usage. It may assist with vehicle registration services and procedures in France, as many many have and do, but it may not. The French administrators there may insist instead on an EC(WVTA)COC from the vehicle manufacturer, and with the online ANTS systems you may not get a chance to talk to administrators about your needs and your situation.

You must demonstrate complete understanding that the EUROCERT ICOC Conformity Certificate-FR  may not be adequate, in itself, for your Carte Grise application.

 ICOC-FR SERVICE - it costs 178.80

TO BUY the ICOC (same or next day issue), please give us the required data below. Your input will be processed and captured and you will proceed to the payment information page.

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After you submit this form and continue to payment, you will be emailed a confirmation. Thank you for shopping with us.