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You need a Crit'Air sticker or 'clean air certificate' if you are driving in cities. click here. 24hr service

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Get live vehicle information from the UK DVLA database...


You will need only the vehicle registration number. This is a 3rd party data provision service. We are not part of the DVLA, and have no partnership with the UK DVLA.


Look up UK Road Tax amounts...

This is a 3rd party data provision service.

Find fuel consumption and emissions information on a car from the UK VCA database...

You will need the vehicle registration number and make. This is a 3rd party data provision service. We are not part of the VCA, and have no partnership with the UK VCA.


Motor Trade Questions and Support
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Forms, templates and guidance for tests and compliance


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Reseller options for shops and dealerships (Please email for details and schemes)

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Category 1: General Site and business overview ~

About and Contact

Buy a Service. List of Basic Services

Payment Methods - list of ways to pay us

DVLA Admin Services | Vehicle Registration Services; Terms and Conditions


Shuttle Bristol to DVLA Swansea

Category 2: Single conformity, compliance and information documents ~

 Certificate of Emissions  *BEST SELLER

Type Approval Number Request and Application Service

Category 3: Registration Services UK ~
 Comprehensive and extended registration packages. For imports, historic vehicles, off-road vehicles being put on road, tractors, etc. etc.

 Vehicle Registration Package, for complicated imports etc. *BEST SELLER

 5 star DVLA registration package - 190 plus VAT (228 inc.) *BEST SELLER

 Lost UK Logbook package - 140 plus VAT (168 inc.)

 UK Registration, clearances, testing and DVLA rejections

NOVA (Notification of Vehicle Arrivals) Submission/clearance service and advice

Year of Manufacture (YOM) verification for vehicles (please contact us for a quotation for YOM letters for the DVLA as we source these from third parties)

Valuation Report for Vehicles

DVLA rejection; Assessment, mediation and resubmit to DVLA - 255 *BEST SELLER

Booking form IVA test (cars)

Booking form MSVA test (bikes and trikes)

Emissions tests - full WLTP testing in the UK. Single vehicles, imported vehicles, prototypes and pre-construction testing.

Get Me A Log Book BRAND - services

Category 4: Exports to all around the world ~

 Eurocert Certificate of Origin *BEST SELLER

 ICOC-WLTP (WLTP document - 190 plus VAT (228 inc.) *BEST SELLER

 Eurocert Certificate of Export - 149 plus VAT (179 inc.) *BEST SELLER

Category 5: Other Services, Products and Advice ~

Certification and Endorsement of Document Copies

Crit'Air Clean Air Certificate; order here

Year of Manufacture (YOM) verification for vehicles - buy now

DVLA Advice Admin and Help Services - for all vehicles - Mobile version

 TRAINING COURSES (5 hour courses, 09.30 - 13.00, unless stated otherwise)

~ How to import vehicles for personal use or for profit [courses in Bristol]

~ How to buy and profit from ex-MOD vehicles [courses in Bristol]

Category: Motor/export Trade Services ~

General Services for the UK Trade / MOT Testers

EU Vehicle Information Document (VID); trade sales

Category: Articles ~

How is the British motorist affected by EU vehicle licensing, European Low Emission Zones (LEZ) and DVLA changes?

Freedom of Movement in the EU. How one person rode an old motorbike from the UK to Italy in search of work


Re-registering in France; Moving to France and re-registering a vehicle there

Category: Logistics ~


Carriage of vehicles to IVA and MSVA testing centres, with personal representation.

Carriage of vehicles to UK MOT testing centres, with personal representation.